Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 1 Summary

We start off the episode with a tiny watermelon eating creature, I mean little boy named Aladdin. He seems to be highly fascinated by melons in general… which I can probably guess, leads him into awkward situations in the future.

magi ep 1 picture 2.PNG

Later at night at Alibaba’s place, we see Aladdin creating some more annoyances to our friend. We hear about dungeons, treasure, mystical creatures and danger. Luckily Aladdin acts as our voice in this episode and asks questions regarding what these things might be.

It appears our blonde haired friend is interested in riches and can only obtain them through these dungeons. Although he is annoyed and uninterested at first in our tiny blue haired menace,  we can bet they will become good friends.

magi ep 1 picture 4.PNG

After a tangent about riches and women they bump into a red headed slave girl. She seems to be ashamed of her current situation and makes some clumsy mistakes as she drops a load of fruit. As she’s picking them up, Aladdin uses his flute to break her chains.

magi ep 1 picture 7.PNG

magi ep 1 picture 5.PNG

But we soon realize that everyone in this world seems to be subservient to some sort of higher authority. The reason for Aladdin’s innocent and naive behavior is most likely due to him not being part of this world. A little scuffle ensues Alibaba and his master and the two boys run away. It appears our blue haired friend is starting to interest our greed centered servant, and sees him as a potential  tool for his own gain.

The next day our heroes are traveling through the desert in order to transport wine.

We soon run into an angry alcoholic desert monster. The inhuman actions of Alibaba’s master are presented by him stressing about his cargo and not giving a second thought to the 2 slave girls, one of which is our red haired friend. This is actually a dramatic scene since we see a mother begging to save her child and a ruthless merchant only seeing slaves as disposable commodity.

magi 2.PNG

Soon we see the true nature of our yellow haired friend. Realizing that the, “somebody” he’s been wishing for is actually himself. he decides to take action and tries to save the two girls. Aladdin summons his Djinn to open the monster’s grip.

Towards the end of the episode, Alibaba is counting his regrets while drowning and we are assured that our friend isn’t just a greedy yes man.


The episode concludes with both our heroes forming an alliance and leaving the merchant. I hope we see more of our red headed friend in the future as well as find out where Aladdin is from.

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