Yun Iijima Character overview

Yun Iijima

Yun Iijima is part of the character design team at Eagle Jump. She fulfills the straight man role in the show New Game!! Whenever other characters get a little too obsessive in their otaku antics, she’s usually the one who tries to bring them back down to earth.


Possibly the most overlooked among the main characters in the show, Yun is a vital part of the Eagle Jump design crew. Due to her family circumstances, it seems that she is in charge of taking care of her two younger siblings. She cooks, cleans and takes them to hero shows.


Her devotion to family is number one, seeing that she even leaves some of her work unfinished when called to help at home.

She seems to enjoy the hero shows almost as much as her two younger siblings. Although the enthusiasm for the shows are no where near as excited as Hajime.

Her past

Yun tends to be the most vocal towards Hajime, most likely due to them both being such close friends. Before joining Eagle Jump, Yun spent most of her days studying and playing video games. Moving to Tokyo, she decided to change her appearance by dressing more stylishly. As she opens up about her past, Hajime responds by saying, “it takes effort to come out of one’s comfort zone”. Although both come from different backgrounds, perhaps they are a lot more similar than we might have thought.


Development and growth

When the company holds a competition for a character design, Aoba and Hajime eagerly sign up. Yun questions Aoba’s decision, even stating that winning is probably not going to happen. But Aoba believes that there’s more to lose if she doesn’t try at all. However, we can see Yun’s true grown up nature when she apologizes to Aoba about how she believed entering the character design contest was a futile effort. And later stating that the fool was herself. Yun finishes the conversation inspired by Aoba to enter in the next competition.


Although there is really no need for Yun to apologize for something she feels internally, it helps those around see her weaknesses and appreciation.


Yun Iijima is an essential part of the character design team at Eagle Jump. She accepts her shortcomings and accepts others for theirs as well. She can sometimes be self conscious and afraid to ask for help. But she’s willing to learn and admit her mistakes. She’s an important part of the team and continues to grow along side them.


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