Playfulness in Anime


Playfulness is a wonderful thing. It allows us to act out of character at times in order to surprise or confuse our friends. Timing and setting are key factors which can determine the success of jokes. I think it’s best shown in the anime Nichijou. Sometimes the nature of our favorite characters can perplex us, but it gives them more dimension and helps us relate to them on a deeper level.

comic 14

A sign of deep friendship

In the anime Comic Girls after Kaos accidently defeats Tsukasa, we’re given a playful remark. Although we’ve never seen Kaos try to stir up conflict, her action is still believable. Not only is it funny and cute, it’s a great indicator of the growing bond between the two friends.

The difference with bullying

comic 13.PNG

Suzukaze Aoba from New Game!! is known by fans to be subtle joker. She melts snowmen on purpose, makes fun of Nenechi for looking like a middle school student (although she looks like one herself) and even asks Yun, if she’s a person who goes on diets in secret.


Either joking with your friends or not, just try to remember to use common sense. We don’t want to go beyond boundaries or actually hurt our friends for the sake of a joke. I think the reason we love anime girls playing around with each other is because no one actually gets hurt in the process. Even though I think it’s super cute to see anime girls sulking.


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