A bit on Yoshida From Watamote


The short 12 episode anime Watamote sadly never introduced some great characters that show up later in the manga. One of them is Yoshida Masaki.


Yoshida looks difficult to approach, isn’t afraid to show her anger and can even get violent, especially towards Tomoko.

With Tomoko And Yuri

Although she doesn’t suffer from social anxiety like Tomoko. Yoshida is distant from her classmates and chooses to not associate with them until Yuri Tamura forms the (sort of friend circle) with her and Tomoko.

yoshida 4.PNG

Although Yoshida’s bond with the other two girls aren’t yet concrete, she supports them when they are in need and seems to not hate hanging out with them. She admittedly doesn’t join the class’s after party stating that there would be no reason without the other 2 girls. She initially doesn’t believe she needs friends in her class, but later accepts that it would be more fun to spend time with others instead of being by herself.

Yuri acts as the straight man in between conflicts between Tomoko’s unconscious annoyances towards Yoshida. And seems to want to bridge both of them to become closer classmates.

yoshida 2.PNG

Yoshida 1.PNG

She likes cute things

Surprisingly, she’s interested in cute things such as theme park characters and crane game prizes. Although people find it shocking at first, Yoshida isn’t afraid to show off her enthusiasm for cute items. Perhaps her persona of being a “delinquent” is from her natural intense glare.


It’s really exciting to see the comedic bond of Tomoko’s new circle of friends. Yoshida is a character who isn’t afraid of what others think. She can be a bit too direct with people, but she’s honest and takes care of those around her. I hope she can teach Tomoko to be more open about her interests and also more expressive with her feelings.

yoshida 5.PNG





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