Keika and her dreams


From the Anime, Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Keika Kiyotaki is a 25 year old woman, practicing to become a female shogi professional. She’s the daughter of the famous 9-dan, Kousuke Kiyotaki. Due to her being the oldest in the training group, her confidence tends to struggle. Her father is quietly supportive about her career. He knows not to talk about her performances or results. Although he doesn’t show it, he is concerned about her career.


Keika is a heavy note taker. She researches players and follows the trends deeply. But she isn’t able to create her own style and suffers because of it. When asking Ginko for advice on improvement, she is told that her shogi lacks a core. She has trouble expressing her full potential during games and has a sort of mental block.


Putting aside formalities

In Japanese culture, formalities assigned through age or rank are well followed. Knowing that her time in the training groups are coming to a close, she decides to play with confidence and not worry about the age or rank of her opponents.


keika 7.PNG

Sometimes we surprise ourselves

Upon opening an old notebook on her games, Keika is surprised to see games filled with imagination and bravery. Although poorly executed due to her lack of experience, she is still able to see the potential behind the games. Keika 2.PNG

Sometimes we surprise ourselves. We look back at our old ideas or things we’ve said and are astonished. We see potential, hope and perseverance. I think as we get older we tend to wall ourselves by setting up invisible boundaries. We compare ourselves to others, we don’t think we are good enough or are afraid to take on new hurdles.

A letter from the past

Have I become a female pro? Or maybe… Have I attained a title?- Keika Kiyotaki (10)

The person of our past is just a younger version of ourselves. They are unaware of how things change as time passes, what new obstacles one faces or if our original goal is still important to us.

Keika through her play is answering back at her 10 year old self. She wants to make herself proud and to play without any regrets. Even though she feels as if the person writing in her notebooks is a completely different person, she accepts the fact that she at one point had to have written them.

keika 11.PNG


Upon coming home, Keika tells her father how she will continue playing no matter what. Her father approves and cries due to the maturity of his daughter. He knows how difficult it is to do anything at a high level and is moved by his daughter’s hard work and struggle through the years.


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