Momiji meets Hotaru


Momiji Mochizuki is introduced into New Game!! during the second season of the anime. She’s the opposite of Aoba in terms of outward personality. She keeps to herself, is blunt towards those around her and feels she must be better than her peers if she wants to progress. Her dream is much like Aoba’s, as she also wants to be a lead character designer.

Meeting Hotaru

Hotaru Hoshikawa is a name that starts to interest Momiji. After hearing that Aoba learned a lot about art through her, Momiji sets out on a quest to find Hotaru and learn from her. Although she could easily ask to meet her more formally, Momiji decides to keep it a secret from Aoba and seeks out Hotaru in her own way. She goes to the Houbun College of art with her make shift sign and stands at the entrance.

momiji 12

Strangely enough, the plan works and Hotaru kindly meets with our pink haired girl. Momiji is stunned to see the level of skill and various mediums of art produced. (Hoshikawa San also draws a little manga!). momiji 13.PNG

Momiji learns a strong lesson in believing in her own art. She is scolded when she calls her own artwork bad.

Further into the manga series, we notice that Momiji is more open to learning new things. Even if she won’t admit it, she respects Aoba’s skill and uses her as a guide in order to help herself improve in art.

Hotaru is a lover of art. And i’ll discuses it even more later on in this website. But for now I can say, her history of being in art club during high school helped shape Aoba become the artist she is today.


As  Momiji returns home. She’s envious of how Aoba was surrounded by so many talented individuals. She feels as if she has a long way to go before making it big as a character designer. I feel as though later in the manga she begins to stop seeing people around her as competition, but rather as valuable mentors to learn from. Momiji is one step at a time (Step by Step), opening up. I hope she and Aoba can become friends as well.

momiji 17.PNG

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