Comic Girls: The Mentors 10 years prior


This episode primarily focuses on the story of Ririka Hanazono (Dorm mother), Mayu Amisawa (Manga editor) and Miharu Nijino (Kaos’s Teacher). 10 years prior, the 3 were part of a manga circle where their dream was to produce a story from scratch. And although things didn’t turn out as planned for them, they still keep in touch and have a strong connection to making manga. They support the 4 girls in the dormitory in any way that they can.

Meeting up for old times

Ririka calls up the old gang to a meet up after testing season is over. They talk about the 4 girls and are especially concerned about Kaos Chan. Especially Mayu, who believes Kaos has a lot of potential but just hasn’t hit her mark yet.

Looking over some old manga that they created, they begin to reminiscent about that past and talk more later at the dormitory. They talk about how their art and story writing wasn’t as good as they remembered it. But still hold a bit of pride in their old efforts.

Forever fans of manga

Even after all this time, they remain fans of making manga. And are huge fan girls themselves. Nijino Sensei is especially fond of the works of Tsubasa and even tries to take one of her rough sketches during class. Even though Mayu san doesn’t write or draw as much as she used to, she works as an editor and gives constructive criticism to Kaos, although given a bit harsh. Our dorm mother Ririka not only takes cares of the girls living day to day. She continues to draw manga, even though she doesn’t share it with anyone[ep9].

Different Ending Song

This time towards the end of comic girls, the ending is instead a remix of images portraying the younger version of the 3 women. We see the youthful hope and wonder in their eyes and melancholic coloring. The trio are still friends to this day and are going about life happily. Not everything happens according to plan, but that’s no excuse for enjoying the journey right?

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