The word NEET also includes non Humans


NEET: A person who is, “Not going to school, not employed or in training for a job”. But how come so many non human characters get sucked into the vortex of the NEET life? Man made creations such as video games and the internet seem to take a hold on to demons, dragons and even angels! In this article we are going to discuses three main characters.

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Gabriel Tenma White: The top graduate of angel school in heaven. Her mission was to live life in the human world in order to make it a better place. However, just days within landing on earth, she discovers online social gaming and has never been the same since.

fafnir 14.PNG

Fafnir: A dark dragon who protects his treasure above all else. He comes to the human world at first believing the lives of man to be unimportant and worthless. He eventually befriends a human roommate and starts to enjoy the life of an otaku. Playing video games and listening to Japanese pop idols.

net 3

Hanzo Urushihara: A demon from another realm. He is allowed to stay at the Devil’s small apartment, just as long as he takes up little room and eats whatever they can afford. He’s addicted to web surfing, video games and buying things online. He’s also socially inept and causes the group trouble by getting scammed financially.

True Nature

Although it’s hard for me to judge if the true character of Gabriel is actually a lazy computer addicted gamer. The reason is because she was a top student in heaven and started life on earth as a productive and helpful person. At first she is seen cleaning up the neighborhood and even helping normal people.

Some parts of me want to say that the human world corrupted her. And she is simply going through what many people would call addiction. Although she says she doesn’t care about the well being of humans. She seems to still have a lot of her morals intact. In the 2nd OVA of the anime she helps befriend a blind school girl and even breaks the rules of heaven by saving her life when she is struck by a vehicle. Sometimes we aren’t as heartless as we think we are. Although helping others might sometimes seem like an inconvenience, something inside of us makes us go out of our way.

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They bring something into our lives.

Despite their complaining and spoiled attitudes, they make our lives better…at least in anime. Fafnir becomes a friend to Takiya and becomes someone he can come home to. We don’t realize how lonely we are sometimes and although Takiya had Miss Kobayashi as a regular drinking buddy. The bond he has with Fafnir is similar to what brothers might have.

We accept them for who they are

Although Urushihara is somewhat on the bottom of the totem pole in terms of respect rankings for his NEET lifestyle and other troubles he brings, he is still a valuable member of the team. Yes he’s a burden most of the time and if he wasn’t so cute, maybe fans wouldn’t like him. But even so, he’s accepted life and happiness in the human world. Actually we should be grateful that an other dimensional demon finds the human world a nice place.

They make our world seem kinda fun

More on the topic of of non humans choosing the human world as their new home. I think it’s pretty special that they find our customs and behavior to be something they would want to be a part of. They choose to come here to participate in our conventions, festivals and join us in our daily lives. Maybe the thing that makes humans remarkable is the fact that we have the ability to share our lives with non humans.

Life can actually be quite fun when you mix in dragons, demons and angels who want to join in on our party.


I think the NEETs we love in anime are the ones who we share our lives with. They might for the most part, drain our savings and get in the way at times. But I think they give us something that we need…love. If you ever owned a cat or dog, you’ll know that they don’t give you money, advice or fame. But they share your life and love you for who you are. Perhaps we love NEETs in anime for who they are because we want someone to love us for who we are as well.

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