Elma and her Improvement


Joui Elma is a dragon introduced later in the show, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. At first she is seen to be clumsy, clueless and high strung. She’s part of the harmony faction in the dragon world. Meaning her group is geared more towards cooperation, synergy and compromise. Although when she first enters into the human world, she causes a bit of disruption.


After learning that she isn’t able to easily go back to the dragon world, she finds work at Miss Kobayashi’s company. She soon learns that humans have to perform difficult tasks in order to survive on a daily basis. Because she’s never seen a computer, she has no idea how to type or even turn it on. The things she notices about the human world can be quite funny. Such as when she acts out how certain salesman beg on the floor. Or when she holds up a line at a restaurant due to the her difficulty with choice.elma 10

Willing to learn

Elma is curious and willing to learn new things. She’s willing to help others such as taking Kanna, Shouta and Riko fishing. And taking charge as the director of the Christmas play. She does have the ability to lead and take things seriously even though she may appear useless in the beginning. She becomes annoyed when the people in the the Christmas play don’t follow her instructions. But as it goes on, she accepts the input of those around her. She considers their view points and implements them. Although seemingly chaotic, everything works out and their presentation becomes a success.


In chapter 35, Kobayashi and Takiya notice some well written computer code. After asking around, Elma replies that the code was made by herself. Elma explains that she had studied the material given to her. This comes as a surprise since it was believed that Elma had already solidified her place at the office as the unofficial tea server. Soon after, Kobayashi presents Elma with her true share of work.

elma 23

elma a


Falling in love with the Human World

Just like Tohru in the begining, she viewed humans as inferior and ignorant. But Elma soon realizes the many pleasures of daily life such as food choices, product choices and holidays. She comes to respect humans for having the ability to choose between many options. From her perspective, the difficulty of choice comes when every option is seemingly perfect.

Although not as popular as Kobayashi at work, she is given chocolate during valentines day . When wondering why Kobayashi receives more chocolate than anyone, Takiya explains that the people around the office are simply showing their gratitude.

Later in the manga,  she even becomes more involved at work. She even creates a union and leads speeches in order to change certain practices. Although in the end it was food related, this shows her passion and ability to harmonize with those around her.

elma 22


Elma learns to enjoy the human world as well as work with them. she enjoys the many pleasures of man and develops close bonds with her friends. She’s dependable yet clumsy, she’s passionate but sometimes misdirected. Willing to always learn, Elma continually improves herself and allows others to contribute. She’s definitely a dragon from the harmony faction. She is similar to Tohru in many ways because of her interest in living among humans. They both come from different backgrounds, yet they both yearn to improve themselves and are willing to learn new things.


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