Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 2



The episode starts off with both of our heroes waking up in a shallow of water that has the ability to burn. Aladdin for the most part seems to be intrigued by his first dungeon. However, outside the dungeon, a projected villain seems to be looking for him.

Aladdin isn’t like his usual self. He is more reserved and soft spoken. His hunger seems to soften his abilities, perhaps he is more human than we think. It seems that when hungry, Aladdin can’t perform and has less magical energy. He is so weakened in fact, he gives no resistance to be chewed on by a giant dungeon insect.


The two find themselves in a pit filled with these green insect like creatures, who later combine and shoot fire. Fire seems to be a common trend in this dungeon. Every time the two avoid or defeat a monster, Aladdin noticeably grows more hungry…I mean fatigued.


As viewers, our curiosity deepens, asking the question of, “what is the true reason Alibaba wanted to enter this dungeon?”. As Aladdin is sleeping, Alibaba promises to explain to him, what his true goals and intentions are.

A bit of time passes when we encounter our red haired friend, who is not surprisingly still in chains. The group she enters with seems to want Aladdin, calling him a Magi. They pick him up to take him away while pushing aside Alibaba.



With a bit of bribing and sweet talk, our slave Lord allows Alibaba to help them escape the dungeon. It should be of no surprise to see Alibaba working for someone he doesn’t trust, only to secretly help his own agenda.

With the intent to save his friend, Alibaba must risk his life by reading foreign text on the dungeon wall. After solving the puzzle, he helps everyone escape except himself. Aladdin is now left with his captors and begins talking to our red haired friend.


Aladdin breaks the awkward silence between the two, with comedic facial expressions causing our girl to let out a small laugh. We soon learn that she is from a far off country that is known to be in poverty. With a small description from big sister, we learn that the country is actually full of life and much of what is known is misconception. We also learn that the evil Lord’s name is Jamil.

Suddenly we are relieved to see an unharmed Alibaba appear and fly off into the sky leaving Aladdin’s kidnappers. Our sister’s name is actually Morigana. And perhaps the chains that bound her as a slave aren’t physical and must be first broken in order for her to be free someday.


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