Blend S: Hinata Kaho character overview


Hinata Kaho is an energetic, friendly, cheerful and….healthy waitress at the Cafe Stile. She is a fan favorite for many reasons. She plays the tsundere archetype at work, although at times she drops character. Kaho is a hardcore gamer who frequents arcades, plays games on her phone and reads manga. She prioritizes playing her games over studying and finances, which cause her too suffer later down the road. Her happy aura helps make new members feel welcome and is a valuable worker at the cafe, going along with any crazy idea the manager may have.


Kaho is interested in a lot of gaming culture. She plays DDR and other rhythm games at the arcade, which usually draws large crowds. The money she receives from working is put back into buying new games and anime merchandise. Although she’s very outgoing and full of energy, she’s quite introverted. When the crew decides to have an outdoor BBQ in the mountains, she along with a couple of Stile workers are seen focusing on their hand held games. Her personality is able to find the fun in anything however, as we see her get excited about eating grilled meat outdoors.

When her funds become low, she worries about not being able to buy more merchandise. Sometimes her thinking becomes clouded and defies common sense. When she becomes too focused on her games with Akizuki, the two don’t even notice the lights being turned off. When they later find out that they are locked in the cafe, Kaho worries about her phone running out of power to play games, instead of using it to call for help. She’s a bit irrational when it comes to the consequences of her gaming passion. A lot of people probably can relate to her because sometimes our passions prevent us from even thinking about the future.

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Akizuki is probably Kaho’s most closest friend and potential love interest. When Kaho becomes saddened by being locked out of her gaming profile, Akizuki tries to cheer her up with a parfait. However, because of Kaho’s ability to change moods quickly, he’s unable to present it to her out of embarrassment. When the two get locked in at the cafe, Kaho clings onto Akizuki as punishment for scaring her.

He’s able to hit Kaho on the head when she makes dumb remarks or is unwilling to act for the better good. The two are most likely very close due to them both starting their jobs at the same time and having to interact. Because prior to their meeting they had very little interaction with the opposite gender. In the flash back, they are both seen as being extremely shy and polite. Their views on what characters in their games are the best, cause them to have arguments but regardless still get along very well.

Seeing Kaho in despair, Mafuyu offers to tutor her in math. As the sessions progress, Kaho begins to respect Mafuyu more as a senpai. Mafuyu tends to also punish Kaho for her irresponsibility, gaming addiction and her…curiosity. Towards the end of their study sessions, Kaho becomes saddened due to the possibility of not being able to meet Mafuyu outside of work. However, she is able to work up the courage to ask if Mafuyu would want to meet together just as friends in the future.

When Maika begins working at the cafe. Kaho makes it her job to welcome and to teach her the ins and outs of the restaurant. She enjoys teasing Maika but can also get scared of her intense glare. Regardless, the two are very playful with each other and develop a closer bond.


Being the opposite of an actual tsundere, she openly shares her true feelings to those around her. She is your bright and cheerful high school girl. She can be a little rash at times due to her inability to consider the future. But she makes it her job to make everyone feel welcome. She brings out the best in people and can find the fun in any situation. Her open personality helps everyone around her, comfortably express their feelings without holding back.

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