Elma and her Improvement


Joui Elma is a dragon introduced later in the show, Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. At first she is seen to be clumsy, clueless and high strung. She’s part of the harmony faction in the dragon world. Meaning her group is geared more towards cooperation, synergy and compromise. Although when she first enters into the human world, she causes a bit of disruption.


After learning that she isn’t able to easily go back to the dragon world, she finds work at Miss Kobayashi’s company. She soon learns that humans have to perform difficult tasks in order to survive on a daily basis. Because she’s never seen a computer, she has no idea how to type or even turn it on. The things she notices about the human world can be quite funny. Such as when she acts out how certain salesman beg on the floor. Or when she holds up a line at a restaurant due to the her difficulty with choice.elma 10

Willing to learn

Elma is curious and willing to learn new things. She’s willing to help others such as taking Kanna, Shouta and Riko fishing. And taking charge as the director of the Christmas play. She does have the ability to lead and take things seriously even though she may appear useless in the beginning. She becomes annoyed when the people in the the Christmas play don’t follow her instructions. But as it goes on, she accepts the input of those around her. She considers their view points and implements them. Although seemingly chaotic, everything works out and their presentation becomes a success.


In chapter 35, Kobayashi and Takiya notice some well written computer code. After asking around, Elma replies that the code was made by herself. Elma explains that she had studied the material given to her. This comes as a surprise since it was believed that Elma had already solidified her place at the office as the unofficial tea server. Soon after, Kobayashi presents Elma with her true share of work.

elma 23

elma a


Falling in love with the Human World

Just like Tohru in the begining, she viewed humans as inferior and ignorant. But Elma soon realizes the many pleasures of daily life such as food choices, product choices and holidays. She comes to respect humans for having the ability to choose between many options. From her perspective, the difficulty of choice comes when every option is seemingly perfect.

Although not as popular as Kobayashi at work, she is given chocolate during valentines day . When wondering why Kobayashi receives more chocolate than anyone, Takiya explains that the people around the office are simply showing their gratitude.

Later in the manga,  she even becomes more involved at work. She even creates a union and leads speeches in order to change certain practices. Although in the end it was food related, this shows her passion and ability to harmonize with those around her.

elma 22


Elma learns to enjoy the human world as well as work with them. she enjoys the many pleasures of man and develops close bonds with her friends. She’s dependable yet clumsy, she’s passionate but sometimes misdirected. Willing to always learn, Elma continually improves herself and allows others to contribute. She’s definitely a dragon from the harmony faction. She is similar to Tohru in many ways because of her interest in living among humans. They both come from different backgrounds, yet they both yearn to improve themselves and are willing to learn new things.



K-on! Origins of Musicianship


The members of After School Tea Time are fantastic musicians. Their music isn’t just cute and fluffy, it can be fast and aggressive at times as well. But even these girls were beginners at one point in their lives. And even after forming the club, they still had to develop their skills together.

Akiyama Mio
The bass player of the group. Although it’s noted that she can play the guitar at a decent level, she chooses to play bass because it doesn’t attract as much attention. She’s able to teach guitar to Yui in the begining of the series. Going over things such as chords and techniques.
She most likely started playing the bass guitar a little bit before Ritsu began learning how to play drums. Mio is quite knowledgeable about classic rock musicans, which we can see when asking Yui about her favorite guitarists. She’s able to compose music and write lyrics as well.
She utilizes advanced techniques such as slap/pop and bass walking.


Tainaka Ritsu
As you an imagine, the most energetic member of the group plays the drums. After watching a performance of, “The Who”. Ritsu becomes obsessed with the high energy drumming of Keith Moon. Begging Mio to form a band with her, she saves up enough money to buy a used Jazz drumset.
Much of her intricate drumming comes from styles such as jazz and rock n roll. Most likely due to Keith Moon’s influences being Tony Meehan and Gene Krupa.


Kotobuki Tsumugi
Being from a rich family, it makes sense for her to play something like the piano. She’s won a few competitions and started playing at the age of 4. Although she mainly played classical piano before joining the club, due to her willingness to learn new things, she was able to play more in the style of rock and pop.
She later incorporates things such as synth effects and piano rolls into her playing as the band develops. Mugi has the ability to gain influences from anywhere. When Ritsu plays with her keyboard, Mugi gets inspired to create her own song.
She mainly uses sound pads such as: Square lead and rock organ.

k on musical 3k on musical 11

Nakano Azusa
Azusa comes from a musical family. She states that both her parents play in a jazz band, which make her almost join the jazz club at school. But later decides not to join, stating that it wasn’t the style of jazz she was accustomed to.
Like Mugi, Azusa most likely started playing from a very young age. She owns several guitars and is able to size the skill of other’s very quickly.
She’s a very serious musician and expects those around her to be just as serious. She’s able to play many advanced techniques, beyond Yui’s ability. But she is humble at her craft and feels she still has much more to learn.
She primarly plays the harmony and solos of the club’s songs.

k on muiscal 8k on musical 8

Hirasawa Yui
Out of all the members, Yui learns how to play music the latest. She has no musical background other than playing the castanets in Kindergarten. Before the training camp, she was only able to memorize chords and play 3 note songs. Yui also had to have her sister Ui, decipher reading chord charts and basic TABs.
Yui has perfect pitch, which means she is able to distinguish and remember the names of tones without a musical reference. When tuning her guitar, she corrects the strings without using a tuner. She is also able to memorize certain complex musical phrases, but has a hard time with technique.
However, much of her skill in music comes from practice and the occasional lesson from Azusa and Sawako Sensei. She at first struggles learning certain parts in songs. But is able to learn them when told to slow down and break down sections.



The members of After School Tea Time are great musicians, but they weren’t always like that. Just like everyone else, they had to learn their craft. But what makes them even more amazing is when they put together their skills and play as one band.

k on musical 16.PNG

Blend S: Hinata Kaho character overview


Hinata Kaho is an energetic, friendly, cheerful and….healthy waitress at the Cafe Stile. She is a fan favorite for many reasons. She plays the tsundere archetype at work, although at times she drops character. Kaho is a hardcore gamer who frequents arcades, plays games on her phone and reads manga. She prioritizes playing her games over studying and finances, which cause her too suffer later down the road. Her happy aura helps make new members feel welcome and is a valuable worker at the cafe, going along with any crazy idea the manager may have.


Kaho is interested in a lot of gaming culture. She plays DDR and other rhythm games at the arcade, which usually draws large crowds. The money she receives from working is put back into buying new games and anime merchandise. Although she’s very outgoing and full of energy, she’s quite introverted. When the crew decides to have an outdoor BBQ in the mountains, she along with a couple of Stile workers are seen focusing on their hand held games. Her personality is able to find the fun in anything however, as we see her get excited about eating grilled meat outdoors.

When her funds become low, she worries about not being able to buy more merchandise. Sometimes her thinking becomes clouded and defies common sense. When she becomes too focused on her games with Akizuki, the two don’t even notice the lights being turned off. When they later find out that they are locked in the cafe, Kaho worries about her phone running out of power to play games, instead of using it to call for help. She’s a bit irrational when it comes to the consequences of her gaming passion. A lot of people probably can relate to her because sometimes our passions prevent us from even thinking about the future.

kaho 20.PNG


Akizuki is probably Kaho’s most closest friend and potential love interest. When Kaho becomes saddened by being locked out of her gaming profile, Akizuki tries to cheer her up with a parfait. However, because of Kaho’s ability to change moods quickly, he’s unable to present it to her out of embarrassment. When the two get locked in at the cafe, Kaho clings onto Akizuki as punishment for scaring her.

He’s able to hit Kaho on the head when she makes dumb remarks or is unwilling to act for the better good. The two are most likely very close due to them both starting their jobs at the same time and having to interact. Because prior to their meeting they had very little interaction with the opposite gender. In the flash back, they are both seen as being extremely shy and polite. Their views on what characters in their games are the best, cause them to have arguments but regardless still get along very well.

Seeing Kaho in despair, Mafuyu offers to tutor her in math. As the sessions progress, Kaho begins to respect Mafuyu more as a senpai. Mafuyu tends to also punish Kaho for her irresponsibility, gaming addiction and her…curiosity. Towards the end of their study sessions, Kaho becomes saddened due to the possibility of not being able to meet Mafuyu outside of work. However, she is able to work up the courage to ask if Mafuyu would want to meet together just as friends in the future.

When Maika begins working at the cafe. Kaho makes it her job to welcome and to teach her the ins and outs of the restaurant. She enjoys teasing Maika but can also get scared of her intense glare. Regardless, the two are very playful with each other and develop a closer bond.


Being the opposite of an actual tsundere, she openly shares her true feelings to those around her. She is your bright and cheerful high school girl. She can be a little rash at times due to her inability to consider the future. But she makes it her job to make everyone feel welcome. She brings out the best in people and can find the fun in any situation. Her open personality helps everyone around her, comfortably express their feelings without holding back.

Yun Iijima Character overview

Yun Iijima

Yun Iijima is part of the character design team at Eagle Jump. She fulfills the straight man role in the show New Game!! Whenever other characters get a little too obsessive in their otaku antics, she’s usually the one who tries to bring them back down to earth.


Possibly the most overlooked among the main characters in the show, Yun is a vital part of the Eagle Jump design crew. Due to her family circumstances, it seems that she is in charge of taking care of her two younger siblings. She cooks, cleans and takes them to hero shows.


Her devotion to family is number one, seeing that she even leaves some of her work unfinished when called to help at home.

She seems to enjoy the hero shows almost as much as her two younger siblings. Although the enthusiasm for the shows are no where near as excited as Hajime.

Her past

Yun tends to be the most vocal towards Hajime, most likely due to them both being such close friends. Before joining Eagle Jump, Yun spent most of her days studying and playing video games. Moving to Tokyo, she decided to change her appearance by dressing more stylishly. As she opens up about her past, Hajime responds by saying, “it takes effort to come out of one’s comfort zone”. Although both come from different backgrounds, perhaps they are a lot more similar than we might have thought.


Development and growth

When the company holds a competition for a character design, Aoba and Hajime eagerly sign up. Yun questions Aoba’s decision, even stating that winning is probably not going to happen. But Aoba believes that there’s more to lose if she doesn’t try at all. However, we can see Yun’s true grown up nature when she apologizes to Aoba about how she believed entering the character design contest was a futile effort. And later stating that the fool was herself. Yun finishes the conversation inspired by Aoba to enter in the next competition.


Although there is really no need for Yun to apologize for something she feels internally, it helps those around see her weaknesses and appreciation.


Yun Iijima is an essential part of the character design team at Eagle Jump. She accepts her shortcomings and accepts others for theirs as well. She can sometimes be self conscious and afraid to ask for help. But she’s willing to learn and admit her mistakes. She’s an important part of the team and continues to grow along side them.


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 2



The episode starts off with both of our heroes waking up in a shallow of water that has the ability to burn. Aladdin for the most part seems to be intrigued by his first dungeon. However, outside the dungeon, a projected villain seems to be looking for him.

Aladdin isn’t like his usual self. He is more reserved and soft spoken. His hunger seems to soften his abilities, perhaps he is more human than we think. It seems that when hungry, Aladdin can’t perform and has less magical energy. He is so weakened in fact, he gives no resistance to be chewed on by a giant dungeon insect.


The two find themselves in a pit filled with these green insect like creatures, who later combine and shoot fire. Fire seems to be a common trend in this dungeon. Every time the two avoid or defeat a monster, Aladdin noticeably grows more hungry…I mean fatigued.


As viewers, our curiosity deepens, asking the question of, “what is the true reason Alibaba wanted to enter this dungeon?”. As Aladdin is sleeping, Alibaba promises to explain to him, what his true goals and intentions are.

A bit of time passes when we encounter our red haired friend, who is not surprisingly still in chains. The group she enters with seems to want Aladdin, calling him a Magi. They pick him up to take him away while pushing aside Alibaba.



With a bit of bribing and sweet talk, our slave Lord allows Alibaba to help them escape the dungeon. It should be of no surprise to see Alibaba working for someone he doesn’t trust, only to secretly help his own agenda.

With the intent to save his friend, Alibaba must risk his life by reading foreign text on the dungeon wall. After solving the puzzle, he helps everyone escape except himself. Aladdin is now left with his captors and begins talking to our red haired friend.


Aladdin breaks the awkward silence between the two, with comedic facial expressions causing our girl to let out a small laugh. We soon learn that she is from a far off country that is known to be in poverty. With a small description from big sister, we learn that the country is actually full of life and much of what is known is misconception. We also learn that the evil Lord’s name is Jamil.

Suddenly we are relieved to see an unharmed Alibaba appear and fly off into the sky leaving Aladdin’s kidnappers. Our sister’s name is actually Morigana. And perhaps the chains that bound her as a slave aren’t physical and must be first broken in order for her to be free someday.


Blend-S: Who is Maika chan?


Her name is Maika Sakuranomiya. If anything, you could call her the main lead in the show, Blend-S. Maika’s story starts off showing a rejected job application. Because of her unconscious glare, many people are afraid to approach her. This has caused her to develop a complex with her eyes, which prevents her from making friends because it scares even family members. Fortunately, her family love and worry about her regardless.




Character design wise, she is from a very traditional Japanese house. Being sheltered her entire life, she finds some aspects of modern Japanese culture to be confusing. 321.PNG

Such as wearing the cloth that comes with her swimsuit as a cape. This is a cute comedic scene and shows Maika’s purity and innocence. Maika also seems to put on a little bit of traditional Japanese red makeup on her eyes.

Her character is yearning for adventure, but is not the least bit spoiled by her upbringing. She’s insistent on making her own money rather than easily asking her father for funds to pay for a trip overseas. She’s curious about foreign things and is innocently naive about them as well. 323.PNG

When the group is invited into Dino’s apartment, Maika is quickly disappointed to see him take off his shoes. Her view on different cultures might be warped due to the lack of interaction with foreigners, which cause her to have high expectations.


In the ending credits we see a younger Maika in wonder, listening to her older sister telling stories about different countries. As the song continues we see her allowing her imagination to run wild as she encounters many civilizations with our main characters acting as ambassadors to her dreaming voyage. Because she doesn’t know much about people in general due to her intense glare and her traditional lifestyle, she has expectations for different cultures to be…well..very different. She get’s impressed by her boss, Dino’s apartment, which has blinds and houseplants, even though it’s nothing more than average and simple to us viewers.


Working at Stile

Dino, Maika’s boss, is just as interested in Maika as she is in him. But maybe for different reasons. She’s impressed with his blonde hair, tall stature and kindness. Dino is able to see beyond Maika’s cold glare and see’s great potential for her in his Cafe, which requires many different archetypes for customers. He places the role of, “Sadistic” onto Maika as she is a natural. The other workers at Stile, clearly see Dino’s infatuation with her cuteness, but she is too pure hearted to see through him.

Maika has poor word choices and accidentally continues to call her customers pigs and worthless. She has a difficult time in the beginning and even questions her abilities. But as the series goes on, we see that she is not only very good at playing the “Sadistic” character. She is also a very hard worker and takes her job very seriously.


Maika is also interested in getting to know her coworkers and gets along with them very well. She is respectful to her senpai, Mafuyu, yet still sees her as adorable. And is impressed by the skills of Kaho at the arcade. Maika is even close enough to her sister to get mad at her when she visits her at work.

As the series progresses, she enjoys going on trips and non romantic dates with the cast. She’s definitely an honest, hardworking, yet naive and cheerful character. She’s just as interested in becoming friends with everyone just as much as she is working with them. She might come off as a bit boring to some people, but it would be better to see her as a person who continues to try her best even when life gives her unlucky odds. She is interested in everyone she meets and is afraid to cause trouble for others.



Well that concludes Maika Sakuranomiya, our cheerful naive Japanese girl from the past living in modern day japan. Next time I’ll be reviewing the cheerful yet tsundere, Kaho Hinata! Stay tuned!

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Episode 1 Summary

We start off the episode with a tiny watermelon eating creature, I mean little boy named Aladdin. He seems to be highly fascinated by melons in general… which I can probably guess, leads him into awkward situations in the future.

magi ep 1 picture 2.PNG

Later at night at Alibaba’s place, we see Aladdin creating some more annoyances to our friend. We hear about dungeons, treasure, mystical creatures and danger. Luckily Aladdin acts as our voice in this episode and asks questions regarding what these things might be.

It appears our blonde haired friend is interested in riches and can only obtain them through these dungeons. Although he is annoyed and uninterested at first in our tiny blue haired menace,  we can bet they will become good friends.

magi ep 1 picture 4.PNG

After a tangent about riches and women they bump into a red headed slave girl. She seems to be ashamed of her current situation and makes some clumsy mistakes as she drops a load of fruit. As she’s picking them up, Aladdin uses his flute to break her chains.

magi ep 1 picture 7.PNG

magi ep 1 picture 5.PNG

But we soon realize that everyone in this world seems to be subservient to some sort of higher authority. The reason for Aladdin’s innocent and naive behavior is most likely due to him not being part of this world. A little scuffle ensues Alibaba and his master and the two boys run away. It appears our blue haired friend is starting to interest our greed centered servant, and sees him as a potential  tool for his own gain.

The next day our heroes are traveling through the desert in order to transport wine.

We soon run into an angry alcoholic desert monster. The inhuman actions of Alibaba’s master are presented by him stressing about his cargo and not giving a second thought to the 2 slave girls, one of which is our red haired friend. This is actually a dramatic scene since we see a mother begging to save her child and a ruthless merchant only seeing slaves as disposable commodity.

magi 2.PNG

Soon we see the true nature of our yellow haired friend. Realizing that the, “somebody” he’s been wishing for is actually himself. he decides to take action and tries to save the two girls. Aladdin summons his Djinn to open the monster’s grip.

Towards the end of the episode, Alibaba is counting his regrets while drowning and we are assured that our friend isn’t just a greedy yes man.


The episode concludes with both our heroes forming an alliance and leaving the merchant. I hope we see more of our red headed friend in the future as well as find out where Aladdin is from.